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Paint Correction (Cutting, Polishing, Finishing)

Get a Showroom-Quality Finish with These Car Polish Products

Get a Showroom-Quality Finish with These Car Polish Products If you're a car enthusiast, you know that a shiny, po...

How to Cut and Polish Your Car

The Ultimate Guide to Cutting and Polishing Your Car Cars are an essential part of our daily lives, and keeping them...

How to Choose The Right Lights?

Lighting is crucial in every aspect of detailing. From estimating the pad/compound combo for paint defect removal to ...

How To Correct Paint

Correcting paint can be a tedious and dangerous task. We are aware that each car will react differently based on fact...

How to differentiate compounds from polishes?

Often used simultaneously, we try and get some clarity (pun intended) between these 2 correction agents! Compounds ar...

How to finish like a pro!

In this post, we explore the key step that is often missing between polishing and finishing which often adversely affects the quality of the finish!

Spider Webs vs Swirl Marks

Whats the difference between Spider Webs and Swirl Marks? In this post, we explore the difference between the 2 and show you the appropriate techniques to deal with this!

How to get rid of Paint Transfer?

Save yourself that trip to that panel shop where you get charged an arm and a leg for something you could address yourself at well below a quarter of the cost!
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