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How to get rid of Paint Transfer?

Dreaded paint transfer. Its not as bad as you think. In fact, often it’s the base case scenario when involved in a bingle. Why? Because you can repair it yourself! Save yourself that trip to that panel shop where you get charged an arm and a leg for something you could address yourself at well below a quarter of the cost!

Paint transfer is often mistaken for a scratch but the main way to tell the difference is through the colour of the scuff mark. Scratches typically eat through clear coat, exposing your paintwork or the underlying surface (metal or plastic). Even when paint transfer includes a scratch, this can be worked on and improved to the point where the main paint transfer is almost indiscernible resulting in a far less obvious scuff on the surface.

With a combination of a cutting compound and our cutting pad, we see how effectively paint transfer can be removed with stunning results. See this photo submitted by Michael, one of our satisfied customers with this awesome before and after picture on this A45 AMG.

5 simple steps to DIY:

  1. Wash your car or spot clean the paint transfer area to ensure all contaminants and waxes/sealants have been removed.
  2. Start of by using a clay bar with sufficient lubricant to rid the surface of as much contaminants and even some times, the paint transfer.
  3. Apply several drops of cutting compound on a your cutting pad and go over with several passes until the majority of the blemishes have gone.
  4. Wipe off any excess cutting compound with a microfibre towel, proceed to a polishing compound to bring back that shine and gloss.
  5. Wax/seal to protect the surface.
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