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Spider Webs vs Swirl Marks

What are spider webs?
Spider webs are micro scratches that occur when the surface of the vehicle has not been correctly washed/cleaned/dried. Contrast this to swirl marks, which are typically caused by rotary buffers during the polishing phase of correction.

Improper washing and drying techniques are the reason for spider webs and this is why its important to understand what they are and how they can happen.
When magnified many times, dirt on the surface of your car are basically little rocks/stones. Washing your car is the removal of said “stones”.

With improper washing technique, these little rocks / stones are effectively moved all over the surface of your paint. 
The image below illustrates the levels of damage that can be caused by stone chips (level 1A - level 4) / improper wash techniques (level 1A - level 2) / improper rotary buffing methods (level 1A - level 4) / improper dual action polishing methods (level 1A - 1B).

Click here to find out more on how you can protect your car from swirl marks and spider webs.

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