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Washing in Warmer Conditions

With the heat turning up for summer, remember not to wash your vehicles under direct sunlight and excess heat as this will result in the suds evaporating thereby decreasing the lubricity afforded for washing. Here are some additional tips to help combat the heat and direct sunlight:
  1. Wash your vehicle early in the morning or later in the evening out of direct overhead sunlight. 

  1. If the heat/sunlight is inescapable resulting in inability to wash the whole vehicle in one sitting, it may still be cool enough outside to wash a portion of the vehicle at a time. Clean small areas at a time, being sure to dry off each spot right away so that waterspots don't form.

  1. Keep your vehicle polished and waxed, this reduces the amount of dirt and grime that can build up and adhere to the surface of the paint.

  1. Clean the inside of your car when its hot, that way you can leave the exterior wash to when weather conditions are more ideal.

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