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CleanSkin Wheel & Rim Flagged Tip Short Handle Brush

CleanSkin Wheel & Rim Flagged Tip Short Handle Brush

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The Flagged Tip Wheel Brushes are made with super soft synthetic bristles for gentle cleaning of wheels, rims, suspensions, fender liners, undercarriage parts, and more!

Note: Actual brush handle is in black colour (not as depicted in photo).

Use This Brush To:

  • Scrub inside intricate wheel designs & patterns
  • Protect nearby paintwork from accidental scratches
  • Made with soft synthetic bristles
  • Perfect for cleaning wheels, tires, undercarriages, suspension parts, and more
  • Abrasion-resistant body for years of comfortable use

How to use:

  • Rinse wheels with sharp stream of water to remove loose dirt and soften tough grime.
  • Spray wheel cleaner on wheels, tires, brakes, and suspension components.
  • Let sit to break down filth and grime for several minutes.
  • Use brush to gently agitate dirt and grime.
  • Rinse away filth, cleaner residue, and soap with sharp stream of water and dry with a clean microfiber towel.
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