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Cliplight Fresh Air Purifier Ozone Generator (170AIR/350AIR)
Cliplight Fresh Air Purifier Ozone Generator (170AIR/350AIR)
Product image 1Cliplight Fresh Air Purifier Ozone Generator (170AIR/350AIR)
Product image 2Cliplight Fresh Air Purifier Ozone Generator (170AIR/350AIR)

Cliplight Fresh Air Purifier Ozone Generator (170AIR/350AIR)

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  • Ozone is the most powerful sterilant commercially available to kill bacteria, viruses, odours, & mould spores
  • Ozone is a naturally occurring substance & is completely safe when used appropriately
  • The Purifier™ is engineered to safely deliver an effective concentration of ozone


  • Incorporates the latest in ozone purification technology • Eliminates mould, mildew, & bacteria from cabin interiors & rooms
  • Removes even the most offensive & stubborn odours such as tobacco smoke
  • Portable design - AC (100-240 V) & DC power
  • 10 hour programmable timer with LCD panel


  • Safely completes most jobs in only 20 minutes (ie. Musty odours from A/C systems)
  • Zero maintenance or cleaning • No consumables
  • UV bulb replacement only after 5k hours or up to 15k applications


  • Weight: 5 lbs | 2.3 kg
  • Dimensions: 5.5" H x 5.5" W x 13.5" L 14 cm x 14 cm x 34 cm

Instruction to achieve the best possible results from the OZONE PURIFIER

  • Thoroughly clean the car and remove all rubbish from car.
  • Clean ashtray food wrappers etc.
  • Vacuum the car and wipe down all of all surfaces.
  • Fully extend all seatbelts leave them out until the work is completed
  • Leave Glovebox open
  • Fold down sun visors
  • Place Ozone Generator in the middle of the car, preferably on the centre console and ensure there is plenty of clearance at either end of the machine.
  • Machine must be placed with the LCD screen facing up.
  • Turn Engine on
  • Turn Air Conditioning on
  • Turn Fan to re-circulate
  • Turn Fan on Highest setting
  • Now Run the ozone generator for 30 minutes
  • Once completed. Do not enter
  • Air out the vehicle to allow the ozone to dissipate. The slight ozone smell is normal and will disappear completely after one to two hours. If necessary, repeat the ozone shock treatment after airing out the vehicle.

Both units are able to be run on both 240V and 12V (cigarette lighter) sockets.

 Download manual here

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