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Apex Customs Waterless Wash Kit (Apex Customs X Chemical Guys)
Apex Customs Waterless Wash Kit (Apex Customs X Chemical Guys)
Product image 1Apex Customs Waterless Wash Kit (Apex Customs X Chemical Guys)
Product image 2Apex Customs Waterless Wash Kit (Apex Customs X Chemical Guys)

Apex Customs Waterless Wash Kit (Apex Customs X Chemical Guys)

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This Bundle consists of:

  • 1 x Apex Customs Pump Foamer 2L
  • 1 x Chemical Guys EcoSmart-RU Waterless Car Wash And Wax Chemguys 473ml or 3.8L
  • 3 x Apex Customs Ultra Soft 500 GSM Edgeless Detailing Microfibre Towel

The Apex Customs Pump Foamer is a professional grade large pump displacement sprayer and atomiser, designed to produce a consistent and lush foam from either a concentrated or diluted soap mixture for cleaning purposes. This is especially useful for applications where there is no access to a continuous supply of water or a hose.

Results are enhanced if the cleaning reagent used contains foaming agents which help produce a richer foam consistency while reducing the amount of detergent required.

User manual here


  1. Always depressurize the chamber after use to prevent wear on the seals. This is essential to prevent leaks and failure at the seams particularly the base of the unit. Failure to do so will void the warranty of this product.
  2. Also recommended to empty the contents and rinse with water after use to prevent clogging of the nozzles.

Made in Italy.

Technical Specifications:

Total capacity ml 1860
Operating capacity ml 1000
Gasket VITON
Nozzle fan effect
Watertight no
Safety valve yes
Max pressure bar 3.00
Pumping rod PP
Packing bulk



EcoSmart is a revolutionary complete waterless detailing system that cleans, shines, and protects without running water and comes in ready-to-use or concentrated form. It’s a full car wash in a bottle.

Use This Waterless Wash To: 

  • Fully wash a car with a few ounces of water
  • Wash and protect any car anywhere, anytime
  • Add a brilliant shine with every wipe
  • Save hundreds of gallons of water
  • Wash and wax in one easy step

Smart Chemistry for Smart Results

By combining the first Eco-based natural carnauba emulsion with hyper-efficient lubricating agents and gloss enhancers, we have engineered the first waterless system that cleans, shines, and protects paint from swirls and scratches in one easy step! The high shine and deep warm glow left after washing with EcoSmart is achieved from the perfect blend of Brazilian carnauba wax: nature’s sealant.

No Scratch & No Swirl Formula

Ecosmart is designed to safely remove dirt and contamination from all vehicle surfaces without harming or scratching them. Advanced hyper-surfactants emulsify and pull dirt away from the surface while slick lubricating agents reduce the drag and friction of the dirt. This action glides the towel effortlessly over the surface and picks up the abrasive debris before it can scratch the paint.

  1. Make sure to wash your vehicle in a shaded area and that the vehicle is cool to the touch.
  2. Shake well, then spray the product directly onto the surface.
  3. Watch as solution emulsifies dirt and grime.
  4. Wipe up the dirty solution in one direction with a clean microfiber towel.
  5. Buff the area dry with another clean microfiber towel to reveal a high gloss shine!

Apex Customs Ultra Soft 500 GSM Edgeless Detailing Microfibre Towel


  • 70% Polyester / 30% Polyamide Blend
  • 500GSM
  • Border / Edging: Boa Edgeless
  • 100% Korean Split Microfiber (Circular Knit Weave)
  • Made in South Korea
  • Durable – ability to withstand hundreds of washings with proper care
  • No Tags and Edgeless Design = No Scratches

Note: due to the edgeless design some minor fraying is possible from washing. Simply snip any loose fabric with scissors and the towel is back to new 


  1. Perfect for Detailing Sprays and "No Rinse / Waterless Wash" Type Products
  2. The Plush Pile Allows You to Use Confidently with All Types of Detailing Sprays, Waxes, and Polishes - Your Final Buff Never Looked So Good!
  3. Removal of Detailing Sprays / Wax / Compound / Sealant / Glaze / Polish
  4. Buffing and Polishing Chrome / Shiny Metals / Glass / Mirrors
  5. Polishing Wheels and Rocker Panels
  6. Instant Detailing
  7. Spray Waxes and Buffing; Final Buff
  8. Drying Touch-Up (Small/Medium-Size Areas)

Care Instructions:

  • Machine Wash with Mild Liquid Detergent (Free of Dyes, Fragrances, Bleach, and Softeners).
  • Do NOT Tumble Dry, and Do NOT Iron.
  • Do NOT Use Any Fabric Softener as this Clogs the Microfibers and Reduces Performance.
  • Do NOT Use Chlorine Bleach. Wash Only with Other Non-Linting Materials (NO Cotton!) to Maintain Proper Dirt-Gripping Properties.
  • Always wash new microfibre towels prior to first use.
  • A TRICK that we recommend is putting 1/2 cup to 3/4 a cup of distilled vinegar into the bleach tray on the washer.
  • This vinegar will provide more cleaning power, resulting in a softer feel and less stains.
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