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Bigboi Hydrophobic Snow Foam - 1000ml

Bigboi Hydrophobic Snow Foam - 1000ml

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BigBoi Hydrophobic Premium Snow Foam & Shampoo is an 2 in 1 hydrophobic wash that adds protection to your vehicle surface. The benefits of hydrophobic protection on your vehicle encourages water-borne dirt and contamination to slide away, rather than stick to the surface. Treated surfaces stay looking cleaner for longer and because dirt doesn’t bond as readily, cleaning the car is much easier! Designed to work on its own or to boost existing wax , sealant layers or ceramic coats. The Hydrophobic Snow Foam & shampoo can be use as your weekly maintenance wash.


• Non contact Hydrophobic finish with extreme water beading characteristics

• No silicone! Advanced foaming technology

• Skin-friendly. Perfect for touchless, 2 bucket, or foam cannon wash

• Environmentally friendly.

• Increases shine effect. Rinses clean with no residue!


• Foam / Lance Wash : Can be used in all types of foam lances. Just add the desired amount (mix 1:7 – 1:15) to the foam lance to create a clinging foam which rinses away to leave a hydrophobic finish.

Adjust the lance nozzle to find your desired coverage. Keep the lance about a metre away from the surface to cover it in a thick foam layer. Starting on the lower sections and rear of the car, working your way around the car, from the bottom to the top, allowing the foam a longer dwell time on the dirtier lower areas.

Let the foam sit and do its work for 4 to 5 minutes, gently dissolving the grit and dirt from the surface. Pleas note: full hydrophobic effect takes place between 30-60 minutes aſter application.

• Traditional Hand Washing : Can be used as a 2-bucket wash diluted (20 to 25 ml) in a 5L bucket for a Hydrophobic streak free finish.

Use a wash mitt or brush to loosen the dirt. Afterwards thoroughly rinse with water. Do not apply the product or leave to dry in direct sunlight

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