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Chemical Guys Gallon Hand Pump Chemguys

Chemical Guys Gallon Hand Pump Chemguys

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The Gallon Hand Pump is the perfect hand pump. The Gallon Hand Pump is the easier way to pump your favorite products out of a gallon and into smaller size containers. The 1 ounce gallon pump dispenser fits perfectly to reduce spillage and is threaded for the Chemical Guys 1 Gallon container. This hand pump will also fit most gallon size containers and all containers with a 38/400 thread size. The Gallon Hand Pump fits one gallon natural HDPE and PVC round handle jugs and one gallon natural HDPE smooth square handle jugs. The precise pump regulates the amount of product dispensed with every pump, making it easy to dilute your favorite products. This hand pump dispenses 1 ounce (30ml) of product per stroke.

Stop trying to pour or squeeze detailing products from one container to another... buying your favorite detailing chemicals in bulk to save money is pointless as soon as you spill it all over. Use the Gallon Hand Pump to transfer your favorite products into smaller 470 ml bottles for ease of use, or pump an ounce or two of your favorite car wash soap right into your bucket.

Use This To:

  • Save time, product, and headaches
  • Avoid sticky clean ups
  • Precisely dispense product each and every time
  • Rapidly speed up your prep work
  • Mix and blend your own custom strength products
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