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Flex VCE 44 H AC Safety Vacuum Cleaner
Flex VCE 44 H AC Safety Vacuum Cleaner
Product image 1Flex VCE 44 H AC Safety Vacuum Cleaner
Product image 2Flex VCE 44 H AC Safety Vacuum Cleaner

Flex VCE 44 H AC Safety Vacuum Cleaner

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The FLEX VCE 44 Single Vacuum Concrete Vacuum series with a container volume of 42 litres has two models each for the dust classes L and M, the model VCE 44 H AC fo rdust class H + asbestos and concrete dust, and the model VCE 44 M AC Air for pneumatic equipment.

Dust-free and low noise

The greater airflow of the new FLEX safety vacuum cleaners helps to make dust removal extremely efficient, thereby making a valuable contribution towards dust-free and healthy working. Another advantage is reduced noise emissions during operation and during the automatic filter cleaning. At 68 dB(A) maximum, these are in the range of normal speaking volume, thereby making use of the vacuum cleaners more healthy. A low centre of gravity means that there is less risk of the vacuum cleaners tipping over. Integrated hose and cable storage and compatibility with the L-Boxx system make transport safe. 

Compatible filters

The clever filter system delivers cost efficiency. The PES folded filters with a Teflon "longlife" coating are designed for a long service life. The size of the fleece filter sacks for the model series 33 and 34 is also identical, which means that companies having several cleaners from these series don't need different fleece inserts. The new FLEX VCE safety vacuum cleaners are also available in 110 V and 120 V variants.

Flex-tools system 

Flex Tool system offers an extensive range of Safety vacuum systems in L, M or H Class and offer features including manual filter cleaning, effective dust control systems, strong suction on the vacuum motors and other aspects to ensure it's an effective system for use on concrete formwork, edge grinding and effective in the application of polishing concrete benchtops, GFRC or applications where smaller tooling is needed. 

On Flex Tool Angle Grinder systems or variable speed polishers our complete range of Wing Diamond Grinding Cup wheels, Edge Profile Wheels, and Ceramic Edge Polishing wheels run on the setup of the 125mm (5'') Angle Grinder system. 

Whether you run a complete team of applicators polishing concrete floors, benchtops, stair treads, around pool surrounds, and wall or surface areas, we have a range of tooling, equipment and systems to help make your job easier. 


  • Adapter plate for fixing L-BOXXes and Tanos systainers on the head of the vacuum cleaner
  • The high-performance turbine ensures both a high suction capacity and a high vacuum. The outcome is an excellent extraction result
  • Continuous automatic flat filter cleaning ensures no loss of suction
  • The flat-fold filter with Teflon coating / nanocoating allows optimum use of the tank volume
  • Permanent socket and electronic automatic on/off switch
  • Flow sensor technology monitors the flow rate and emits a visual and audible signal to indicate any drop below the statutory minimum value of 20m/s
  • Visual and audible signal for monitoring the HEPA filter
  • The flow rate control via the rotary switch minimises possible vacuums on the surface during intermediate and finish sanding
  • Suction diameter selector switch for adjusting the optimum flow rate
  • Suitable for wet vacuuming: with electronic liquid level control
  • Soft start stops any voltage peaks at the start and the run-on feature (15 sec. overrun) empties any remaining dust in the vacuum hose
  • Double-walled sturdy container with integrated grip recess for emptying the container easily
  • Dust-protected antistatic finish prevents electric charging of the suction hose
  • Equipped with large wheels and two swivel guide rollers made of metal
  • Separate motor air cooling duct with coarse dirt filter. Protects the turbine against the ingress of ambient air and thereby extends the service life. (Fine dust filter PES available as an accessory)
  • Simple filter change without removing the suction head
  • With hose retainer and expander for easy, quick securing of the power cable
  • With 4 clamping loops (2 on each side ) for attaching straps and a giraffe holder
  • Safety vacuum cleaner class H: suitable for all dusts with OEL values < 0.1 mg/m3 with additional audit "asbestos" by TRGS 519
  • Suitable for dry, non-flammable dusts that are harmful to the health and carcinogenic substances incl. asbestos
  • Ideal to remove mould, restore roofs and walls insulated with mineral wool. Sanding dust.


  • Power input P. max.1400 watt
  • Max. volume flow4500 l/min
  • Max. vacuum25000 Pa
  • Filter surface5000 cm²
  • Container volume42 l
  • Liquid capacity26 l
  • Power take off100-2400 watt
  • Size (W x L x H)565 x 385 x 650 mm
  • Cable length7,5 m
  • Weight 17,6 kg

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