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Flex XC 3401 VRG Dual Action Orbital Polisher

Flex XC 3401 VRG Dual Action Orbital Polisher

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The FLEX XC 3401 Orbital Polisher is a dual action polisher on steroids! The FLEX XC3401 VRG polisher effectively removes swirls, scratches, and oxidation that can’t be removed using other DA polishers.

The orbital rotation of the FLEX XC 3401 Polisher simulates the circular movement of the human hand while polishing. This motion is less likely to cause holograms than a rotary polisher. At the same time, the polisher's highly smooth running facilitates a careful, precise finish and allows for hologram-free polishing.

The FLEX Dual-Action Polisher has a true dual action motion. The pad moves in a forced rotation that keeps moving even when you put some pressure on the machine. This forced circular motion reduces vibration.

Thanks to the direct orbital drive, very little heat develops on the surface, which is ideally suited to temperature-sensitive finishes (i.e., “soft” clear coats). The FLEX XC3401 VRG Orbital Polisher makes it almost impossible to burn the paint! The accelerator trigger switch and speed selection allow for a controlled acceleration to the optimal speed. The FLEX Orbital Polisher’s smooth acceleration and uniform, controlled motion make this DA machine ideal for novices and pros alike.

A seven-fold microprocessor offers constant speed control by tachometer generator, soft start, accelerator trigger switch, restart protection after power interruption, overload protection, temperature monitoring, and speed selection.

When the carbon brushes wear down, the motor automatically shuts off to avoid damage. The FLEX Orbital Polisher can easily do most of the work for which you’d normally rely on a rotary machine, and it’s safer! The dual action nearly eliminates the risk of burns or holograms.

The FLEX Orbital Polisher has an adjustable bale handle on the top and a speed control on the side for easy access with your thumb. A speed trigger on the underside of the polisher allows you to gradually accelerate speed as needed.

The FLEX Orbital Polisher is an outstanding professional grade dual action polisher. It is comfortable to use, well-made, and it works harder than a typical dual action polisher without putting your paint at risk of holograms. Most importantly, the FLEX Orbital Polisher eliminates swirls, scratches, and other paint flaws to leave the paint looking flawless.

Technical Specification:

  • 5.5" Backing Plate (Included)
  • Speed without load: 160-480 OPM
  • Orbit rate without load: 3200-9600 OPM
  • Power input: 900 watt
  • Power output: 590 watt
  • Weight: 2.60 kg

2 year local Australian warranty - Serviced by Flex certified Technicians

Made in Germany

Flex XC 3401 VRG Dual Action Orbital Polisher Average rating: 3.0, based on 1 reviews
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