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Herrenfahrt Graphene Detailer Spray

Herrenfahrt Graphene Detailer Spray

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Herrenfahrt Graphene Detailer

Volume 300ml

Yield: up to 18 vehicles

Quick care or self-sealing?

Introducing the latest Graphene technology in a quick detailer spray. The Herrenfahrt Graphene Detailer is compatible with already-treated surfaces or even raw surfaces as a quick spray-on solution for cleaning and protection in one step. 

Improve dirt and water beading: Surfactant compounds and Graphene composition in this solution creates an intense lotus effect, which not only looks great, but also induces an increased self-cleaning and water beading ability to reduce any contaminants from adhering to the surface. The Graphene Detailer also has a longer lifespan than most quick detailers of 2+ months or more with active surface protection to reduce application frequency.

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