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McKee's 37 Tar Max Tar Remover - 473ml

McKee's 37 Tar Max Tar Remover - 473ml

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McKee's 37 Tar Max Tar Remover is a powerful cleaner that quickly and effortless dissolves stubborn tar, adhesives, traffic film, grease, and asphalt from your vehicle's exterior surfaces. Formulated using a blend of non-acidic, clear coat safe Super-Solvents, Tar Max Tar Remover forgoes inexpensive high-octane cleaners and instead relies on advanced chemistry. This non-abrasive, chemical cleaner is a safer, more effective alternative to aggressive-grade clay bars that often scratch or mar the finish when used to remove tar. Remove tar before it becomes a serious issue with McKee's 37 Tar Max Tar Remover!

Tar, if not removed in a timely manner, can cause permanent damage to your vehicle's painted surfaces. McKee's 37 Tar Max Tar Remover is to tar stains as Kryptonite is to Superman! Spray, wipe - DONE! Tar doesn't stand a chance against McKee's 37 Tar Max Tar Remover.

Don't stop at tar! McKee's 37 Tar Max Tar Remover is also extremely effective at removing adhesives (ie: debadging your vehicle), traffic film, grease, and asphalt. Keep a bottle on hand for emergencies. You won't regret it!

Tar Max Tar Remover was formulated specifically for automotive application. Instead of using old-school methods of removing tar, rely on smart chemistry and use Tar Max Tar Remover instead.

Apply to a cool surface out of direct sunlight. Spray Tar Max Tar Remover directly onto the surface AND a clean microfiber towel. Gently rub over the surface and the tar will dissolve into the microfiber towel. Remove excess cleaner using a second clean, soft microfiber towel. Repeat these steps if the tar remains. 

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