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Mosmatic Pressure Washer Complete Accessory Kit - Short Trigger Gun, Bent Wand, Spray Nozzle, MTM PF22 Foam Cannon & Angelwax Fastfoam Shampoo

Mosmatic Pressure Washer Complete Accessory Kit - Short Trigger Gun, Bent Wand, Spray Nozzle, MTM PF22 Foam Cannon & Angelwax Fastfoam Shampoo

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The Mosmatic Pressure Washer Complete Accessory Kit consists of:

We have created this complete package that comes with the best quality components from Mosmatic all fully assembled to give you the complete kit that is built to work together with your Kranzle pressure washer. Along with that, we have included the award winning Angelwax Fastfoam Shampoo that is one of the best pre-wash solutions in the market to enahance your washing experience. 

This kit comes fully assembled so you won't have to fiddle around finding the right connectors to suit and is literally plug & play via quick connects.

Features and Benefits:

  • Mosmatic HP Gun with Quick Connects Installed
  • Mosmatic Relax-Action Trigger gun = 90% less trigger force and 40% less holding force than other guns – hold full pressure with your little pinkie

  • Built-in Mosmatic DGV Swivel = LIVE rotation even at full pressure to prevent hose coiling. – see the difference how other brands fail during operation in this Video

  • High precision Mosmatic Quick Connect Coupler/Plug = simply better, nicer, long-lasting, and super smooth every time you connect/disconnect your lance, nozzle etc

  • Ergonomic Lance-Grip = with a very comfortable grip around a true stainless steel pipe and the extra bend on the end to easy clean roofs but also your wheels

  • Mosmatic Lance-Grip Stainless with Quick Connects Installed

Mosmatic Gun:

  • Mosmatic HP GUN «NEO» (LOW TRIGGER FORCE) - 5000 PSI
  • Mosmatic 1/4" Male Stainless Coupler - Gun Outlet
  • Mosmatic  3/8" QC Stainless Steel Plug - Gun inlet
  • High-quality workmanship

Mosmatic Lance with Bent Grip:

  • Mosmatic Lance-Grip Stainless steel pipe 600mm  with w 15°
  • Mosmatic Quick connect plug 1/4 F
  • Mosmatic Quick connect Coupler 1/4 M
  • High-quality workmanship
  • High-quality workmanship

Mosmatic Nozzle with Rubber Protector:

  • Mosmatic - 316 Stainless Nozzle 25° spray angle suitable for car wash application. Select size 30 for pressure washers with flowrates of 7LPM at 1800PSI and size 40 for pressure washers with flowrates of 10LPM.
  • Mosmatic Nozzle Rubber Protector
  • Mosmatic Quick connect plug 1/4 M

MTM Hydro PF22 Foam Cannon:

  • Adjustable spray pattern (vertically & horizontally)
  • High quality components made in Italy
  • 1/4" QC fits most petrol washers or MTM spray gun
  • Built-in internal agitator to create a dense & consistent foam

Connection to a M22 water hose

The short trigger gun comes standard with a 3/8" QC plug exit. To integrate this kit with a M22 female hose connector which is standard across most pressure washers such as ones from Kranzle; you will need to purchase this adaptor which is a 3/8" QC coupling to M22 male thread adapter to suit.

Angelwax Fastfoam Shampoo 1L

Fastfoam from Angelwax is our Professional Detailing Snowfoam and is used by valeters and detailers throughout the UK and beyond and has been awarded the product title of ‘Recommended Snowfoam’ for 2012 by Auto Express.

The super concentrated formulation has been designed to create a blanket of sticky foam which covers the vehicle and clings to its surface before quickly getting to work removing dirt, traffic film and other harmful deposits safely from your vehicle. Fastfoam has been specifically designed to give outstanding results when used through a foam lance or chemical bottle of a pressure washer.
Fastfoam can be diluted 1 part to 9 parts with water (1:9)

Voted Best Wash - Detail Store Annual Awards.


Before applying Fastfoam, always rinse the vehicle with a pressure washer using cold water to remove any loose dirt.
Using a foam lance or chemical bottle in your pressure washer, apply a generous layer of Fastfoam using the stated dilution ratios and ensure that the foam remains on the vehicle for a minimum of 10 minutes before removing with a pressure washer.

TOP TIP: The longer the foam remains on the vehicle the more effective it will be at breaking down dirt.

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