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C6 Ceramics

C6 is the epitome of permanent, proprietary ceramic coating technology and protective prowess. C6 delivers the utmost in gloss, smoothness, and self-cleaning capabilities within the industry, all while ensuring permanent longevity. C6 harnesses the power of detonated Nanodiamonds and reactive proprietary chemistry to establish itself as the pinnacle permanent coating. Composed of our proprietary pre-ceramic resin, Polysilazane, C6 goes a step further by introducing proprietary Silicon Carbide for unparalleled chemical resistance. The addition of Silicon Nitride and Silicon Dioxide enhances its self-cleaning properties and sets new standards for industry-leading gloss.

Now that you've acquired your dream vehicle, safeguard it with the permanent, proprietary coating every detailer dreams of. It took 30 years of experience and working alongside the top Ph.D. chemists in the world to make C6 Ceramics a possibility and create unparalleled Gloss or Hydrophobics for a duration deemed Permanent. That was our Goal, and C6 is our achievement. Utilising state-of-the-art technologies, we have developed what I think is the best ceramic coating in today’s market.

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