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Wet/dry vacuum cleaners are more versatile vacuums unlike conventional dry vacuum cleaners. They don't just suck up dust, lint and other dirt, but also get rid of much rougher and even damp dirt, water and other liquids. They are also built to be more powerful which makes them an ideal tool particularly for detailing purposes.
Extractor vacuum cleaners are capable of pumping liquid solutions and vacuuming liquid at the same time. A liquid solution usually with a small amount of detergent is injected into the carpet fibres and is vacuumed up on the return stroke along with any soil or dirt. The water injected into the carpet or fabric is sometimes heated by the extractor for better cleaning. An extractor with a strong motor is ideal for cleaning carpets and fabrics because it is able to extract more liquid than a conventional wet/dry vacuum which also decreases the drying time.
Safety vacuum cleaners offer maximum performance against dust, dirt and hazardous substances. The new Flex VCE vacuum cleaner generation impresses with its technological superiority, significantly reduced operating noise and a robust, compact design to provide both stability and easy handling. These vacuum cleaners are suitable for use on construction sites, in workshops or in industry, and are uncomplicated to handle.
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