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Which Polisher Is Right For Me?


The Karate Kid starts our lineup being the entry level DA polisher best suited for beginners. Following that, is our most popular and professional's choice, the Sensei Plus. The Grasshopper being the latest addition to the fleet is designed specifically to tackle tight angles and smaller surface areas suited well for targeted paint correction. 

What are the key differences you ask? Basically the throw, and the oscillations per minute (relative to the motor RPM) dictates the performance (see illustration below). The bigger the throw, the larger a given surface area is covered at a time which ultimately reduces the time spent on a panel. The smaller throw versions of course have an upside which allows better control on tight angles or contours of a vehicle; but this takes more time. Last but not least, the overall weight balance along with the vibration and sound levels emitted contribute to the overall feel & comfort when using the machine. Put all these together, and that's where you differentiate the real quality machines from the cheaper knock off's. 

Oscillations per minute dual action random orbital projection

Still not sure what a DARO polisher is? Click here for a quick outline to give you a better understanding on how it operates and prevents damage on your paint be it while applying wax, removing swirls / spider webs or even specific paint correction applications.

If you still can't decide or justify the cost over the specifications, we welcome you to try it out for yourself at our lab with a range of polishers available in the market as a comparison. Contact the Apex Customs team for further info.

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