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Ceramic Coatings
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Can I ceramic coat my car? How to ceramic coat my car?

Can you wax your own car? If the answer to that is yes then you can also easily ceramic coat your car!

The steps in ceramic coating your car involves the same preparatory steps in waxing your car. You will need to polish/correct the paint so that you have a surface you are happy with to then apply the ceramic coat to. The ceramic coat is basically a seal on the surface you are applying it to (much like a wax, but far longer lasting). It will act to protect the surface from contamination and scratches whilst having amazing self-cleaning (hydrophobic/water-beading) properties. In short, you simply spread the ceramic coat on and you buff it off after it has cured.
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Ceramic coating myths debunked!

The actual application stage of ceramic coat is actually easier than what the industry makes it out to be. There are a key couple of things to be aware of as with anything but this step is actually very quick relative to say the stage of paint correction/polishing.

What do I need?

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Ceramic coating steps

Step 1: Prepare the surface to receive the ceramic coat. After the surface has been corrected/polished, we need to remove any residual oils/polish that may still be on the surface we are about to coat. This is key as not removing any residue will compromise the bonding of the ceramic coat to the surface.
Move from panel to panel and spray on Gyeon Prep making sure to buff off with a quality microfibre towel like the 300gsm all-purpose edgeless microfibre towel. Do not use any old microfibre towel, use a brand new one that is high quality (edgeless) as inferior microfibre towels will mar (create micro scratches) your beautifully polished surface.

Step 2: Don your nitrile gloves. We will be working with potent chemicals so always ensure you protect yourself! Once the surface is free of any residue, wrap the softer side of your foam block with a suede applicator. Drop 1-2 drops of the ceramic coat and commence the ceramic coating process. Apply in a cross-hash pattern focusing on one panel at a time. After applying, allow to flash and buff off. Buff off using a quality microfibre towel like the Mellow Yellow, which ensures even coating distribution and perfect finish. Depending on the actual product purchased, the flash(curing) time varies so be sure to pay attention to that. In hotter weather, flashing occurs a lot quicker so apply and wipe off almost immediately.

Step 3: Using a detail light, inspect each panel to ensure that the panel has been completely buffed off. Check that there are no high spots (ie. Areas where excess ceramic coating has not been removed). Once inspected, move on to the next panel and repeat step 2 and 3 until all surfaces have been completed.

Step 4: Ensure you do not drive your vehicle or expose it to any moisture for 48 hours.

Click here for our full DIY Guide.


For painted surfaces such as autobody.


Windshield, windows or rear windscreen.


Ceramic coat your wrapped finish.


Plastics, rubber and other trim materials.


Brake dust be gone.


Seats, steering wheels and everything in between.


Stainproof your interior.


Value kits curated for your ceramic coating needs.


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