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McCulloch Powered Steam

The history of McCulloch spans over 70 years. In 1943, business man Robert McCulloch founded a company called McCulloch Motors Corporation. After a few years the company moved from Wisconsin to California, where McCulloch Motors produced its first chainsaw, a two-man model named 5-49. In 1949, McCulloch revolutionised the chainsaw industry by introducing a light one-man chain saw, the 3-25. North American woodworking would never be the same again.


Why use steam products for cleaning?

As a natural cleaning method, steam cleaning allows the removal of hard to see bacteria and dirt, without the use of harmful chemicals. Steam products provide a cleaning method safe for children and pets.

Can chemicals be used in my steam cleaner?

No, McCulloch steam cleaners are designed to emit a pure vapor, free of chemicals. By adding chemicals you may damage the steaming mechanism.

Is the MC1385 unit a carpet extractor or shampooer?

No. This machine does not dispense water or detergent. It uses steam to sanitise, refresh and deodorise carpets. Debris is suctioned off of the floor using the vacuum. The steamer should be used for spot cleaning only.

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