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Aren't there cheaper options?

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You’re probably wondering why some polishers in the market cost $100 and why some polishers cost upwards of $1000. What’s the difference? This pricier guy is after my money! After all, dual action polishers are safe for everyone to use on their cars right? Therefore I should just get whatever’s cheapest.

Unfortunately, it’s not quite as simple as that. See when we first identified the gap in the market, our priority was quality at an affordable price. The main reason we were game changing was that we hung it up to the big established businesses that dual action random orbital polishers should not be exclusively for those who can afford it or those who are able to justify the cost by being in the professional detailing industry. We wanted to shake it right up by bringing a product that was both quality and value for money. First and foremost, quality. This resulted in the unintended positive effect of our Polishers being used by leading industry professionals who previously had to cough up significantly more money for the same quality.

Since then, the market has changed and we are now getting flooded by cheap dual action random orbital polishers for half the price that claim to offer same levels of performance. Well back to the original questions we asked. What we noticed were the number of customers who had not known and ended up wasting both TIME & MONEY with cheaper alternatives in the market only to end up with an Apex Customs Polisher in the end. The flipside to this was professionals in the industry with decades of experience lamenting the lack of our existence a decade earlier!

Our constant pursuit of innovation and improvement means we trial and test a wide range of Dual Action Random Orbital polishers, some pricey, some really cheap. Unfortunately with the cheaper options the product you end up with not only looks its price but feels and more importantly, performs like its price would suggest.

There are many things users need to look out for prior to purchasing a polisher which at times is just plain hard to provide facts on. Important things like the feel of the polisher, its balance, its vibration characteristics, how loud it is, is the Velcro any good and whether the polisher will induce the onset of fatigue. These things cannot be quantified and can only be found out by trialling first hand.

We put our money where our mouth is. You are welcome to come by to try out the polisher (alongside others) so you know what you’ll receive at the end of the day. Hit us up via email to arrange an appointment to see our widely acclaimed polishers in action.

If it’s not good enough to be used on our cars, it’s not good enough to be used on yours.

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