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Keeping your tools clean

The importance of keeping your snow foam lance clean

A quick tip for everyone with a snow foam lance out there. Ensure you thoroughly wash it every 5 or so uses to ensure the spout and other fittings are free of caked on snow foam solution. A quick and easy way to do this is to end your wash cycle by flushing about half a litre of clean water through the snow foam lance. Flush your snow foam lance thoroughly until the spray coming out is free of any foam. This will ensure that excess detergent is cleared from the spout and straw and ensure your snow foam lance sees plenty more years of use.

Microfibre Towels & Detailing Brushes Upkeep

  1. Always wash your cloths with liquid detergent and ensure you do not wash it with hot water. Warm tepid water with liquid detergent will do the job at removing most dirt. Heavier contamination should be hand washed with a grit guard.
  2. If you find that the fibres are getting loose or do not absorb water / dust as effectively as it used to, they may be due for retirement as they have a useful life depending on how frequently you wash your car and as they get saturated with dirt repeatedly (despite getting washed clean), the fine microfibres become more and more frayed and become less effective at picking up dirt with time.
  3. Set aside a day each month to go over your detailing tools to ensure they are not worn out, or entrained with dirt which can cause further damage to your paint work (particularly detailing brushes).
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