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Gyeon Q2M Leather Set Strong - Clean & Protect

Gyeon Q2M Leather Set Strong - Clean & Protect

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Gyeon Quartz Q2M Leather Set Strong is the complete solution combining Q2M Leather Cleaner Strong, a powerful pre-coating leather cleaner and Q2M Leather Coat to achieve the ideal leather maintenance & protection solution.

Q2M Leather Strong ensures the removal of deep dirt, oil residue and provides best preparation for coating. Q2M Leather Coat ensures a long lasting matte clean surface and makes future maintenance easier against contamination

Q2M Leather Coat is a super advanced SiO2 coating for modern vehicle leather upholstery. This invisible layer will protect and safe-guard your leather against liquid spills, dirt, clothing dye transfer and offers UV protection for months.

Q2M Leather Set Strong Kit includes:

  • Q2M Leather Cleaner STRONG 200ML 
  • Q2 Leather Coat 120ML 
  • Q2M Leather Brush 
  • Q2M MF Applicator & Microfibre

How to use:

We recommend using a little water with the Q2M Leather Cleaner Strong foam. This will help you distribute the product and create more foam, helping clean more thoroughly. The attached Q2M Leather Brush will agitate the cleaner and remove dirt from the structure of the material.

TIP: Always use multiple microfibre towels. It’s worth to wipe the leather with a damp towel once cleaning is done.

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