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Filter Systems Australia Anti-Scale Spot Free Rinse De-Ionising Media Vessel System 9" x 17" (GT1-112-DI)

Filter Systems Australia Anti-Scale Spot Free Rinse De-Ionising Media Vessel System 9" x 17" (GT1-112-DI)

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* The vessel size supplied for both 6L & 9L options are the same. The only difference is the amount of resin supplied.


  • Small Scale Car Detailing & Window Cleaning Water Filter
  • Ideal for Use with a Pressure Washer at flow rates of up to 7.5L/Min (6L Model) or 11L/Min (9L Model)
  • Spot Free Rinse - 0 TDS Water
  • Convenient & Cost Effective alternative to Reverse Osmosis & Distilled Water
  • Standard Hose Connections Included

Our NEW GT1-112-DI Spot Free Rinse Window Cleaning & Car Detailing Media Vessel System produces softened, de-ionised, "TDS-Free" Water (<1 Total Dissolved Solids) to remove contaminants and particles for the ultimate, shiny, scale-free spot-free rinse, reducing the need to chamois or polish surfaces, thus reducing the risk of unsightly scratches and scale build-up! This system is perfect for small-scale applications, or for use with Pressure Washers at home (especially if you have a carbon filter system installed prior, as Chlorine/Chloramine can deplete the DI resin). Ideal for use on Cars, Boats, Trucks, Vans, Utes, Motorbikes, Caravans, RVs, Prestige Vehicles (pretty much any type of vehicle you can think of), but may also be suitable for casual users such as car enthusiasts wanting to do a regular spot-free touch-free rinse of a ceramic coated/paint protected vehicle or those with many glass fixtures around the home (i.e. windows/glass pool fences). Works well with common pressure cleaner brands such as Gerni, Ryobi, and Karcher. The 9" x 17" media vessel is compact in size and stature (for easy transportation and storage), and can be used with Pressure Cleaners at flow rates of up to 7.5L/Min (6L Model) or 11L/Min (9L Model). The inlet of the system is a 1” BSP female port with garden hose adaptors, which makes hooking the system up between your tap and pressure washer super quick and easy. 

Spot Free Rinse Filter Kit 

  • 1x H917FRP-2.5 High Performance Filtration 9" x 17" Pressure Vessel Tank
  • 1x GT36-64N 1" BSP In/Out Head Cap
  • 4kg (approx. 6L) of virgin Indion Mixed Bed DI Resin (or Optional Upgrade to 6kg/9L DI Resin)
  • 2x GT19-35SC 1" x 1" Male BSP HEX Joiners with O-Rings
  • 2x GT19-155 20 x 25mm Tap Adaptors
  • Instructions

See Specs Tab for System Dimensions. 


  • Standard Hose Attachments
  • Suitable for use with pressure washers
  • Spot Free Rinse 0 TDS Water*
  • Removes salts, minerals, and hardness from water.
  • High Capacity Resin – 4Kg = Approx 6L Of DI Resin

*Note: Zero (0) TDS is equivalent to <1ppm TDS. As with any filter, the capacity of virgin de-ionizing resin to remove TDS from water gradually degrades over time. As the hardness of water varies depends on the water source, there is no hard and fast rule for when you should replace the DI resin. As a rule of thumb, DI resin is due for replacement when you notice spots appearing.

Download instructions here

Specifications & Dimensions




Feed Water Conditions 



Working Pressure  
(Ideal Operating Pressure 
= ≤ 700 kPa) 

1000 kPa 


Recommended Flow 



Max Vacuum 

17kPa (5" Hg) Negative Pressure 

Nominal Volume 

13.8 Litres 






<50 mg/L



<200 mg/L



<0.02 mg/L

Height: 50cm (approx)
Bottom Width: 25cm
Depth: 25cm

Inlet: 1" BSP with Standard Male Garden Hose Connection
Outlet: 1" BSP with Standard Male Garden Hose Connection

DI Resin Service Life: Variable depending on incoming water quality

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