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When do you use waterless wash over conventional wash methods?

Waterless washes are great for use in environments where there is limited/no access to a hose. People who live in apartments or in remote areas would find this option very appealing. Note that we only recommend waterless wash as a method of washing only when no other choice and when the car is not overly soiled. Waterless wash can be used safely to remove light dirt and grime but in instances whereby the vehicle is more soiled, nothing beats a hose and 2 buckets.

What do I look out for in a shampoo?

This depends on the objective of the wash. If a maintenance wash for a vehicle that is ceramic coated or protected to some degree, a pH neutral wash is always recommended. PH neutral washes will preserve the protection on the surface of the vehicle while washing. 

For more heavily soiled cars where dirt and grime removal is the objective and not so much protection preservation, then a more aggressive alkaline based wash would work well. These washes would chemically breakdown the dirt and grime on the surface and thereby make the washing process more efficient.


Which wheel decontaminant spray do I pick?

Depending on the finish of the wheels, a pH neutral wheel cleaner is typically recommended. The downside to pH neutral cleaners is as they are less chemically acidic/harsh, they require a bit of agitation in the cleaning process to rid the surface of baked on grime. Iron cleaners are also a great wheel cleaning assistant. Given that the make up of brake dust is predominantly iron, iron decontaminants are excellent at chemically breaking down the dust (creating a purple bleeding reaction). This will significantly clear out brake dust build up. However, a wheel cleaner is needed to remove road grime often also found on wheels.

Why should I get a pump sprayer over the standard spray trigger?

Pump sprayers are gaining in popularity due to a number of reasons. They offer an effective, consistent output of product. Additionally these sprayers also reduce strain on the palm and wrist particularly in the application of product where significant coverage is required. Some pump sprayers also known as foamers atomise the product and create a consistent foam layer on the surface worked on. This enables foam to be created in the absence of a foam lance and pressure washer.

Are iron fallout removers safe on ceramic coatings?

A good quality ceramic coating will be resistant damage from a range of chemicals including iron fallout removers. In fact this is oftentimes a great way to "revive" the hydrophobic properties of ceramic coatings.


Is there a power box on the cords of the polishers?

We do not have any power boxes on our cord as everything has been engineered to be contained within the polisher.

What's the difference between a large and small pad? 7” compared to 6”?

A larger pad gives you a larger surface area to work with thereby achieving more within the same amount of time. The trade-off here is manoeuvrability.

What is the difference between a dual action random orbital and forced rotation machine?
Dual action technology has the plate both orbiting and spinning at the same time. Random Orbital allows the plate to freely spin when too much pressure is applied. This second feature here is the safety mechanism that prevents you from burning your paint. Forced rotation machines do not stop spinning regardless of force applied. Don't make the mistake of just getting any dual action polisher as there are forced rotation dual action polishers.

Can I mount other backing plate types and sizes to your polishers?
The thread sizing across all our polishers are standard M8. Therefore you can technically mount different backing plates, however this is not encouraged as our machines have not been engineered for anything except for that which accompanies the polisher. The counterbalance in the polisher is made precisely for the backing plate(s) included and the throw of the particular machine. Any other combination will unfortunately lead to a suboptimal user experience.

Are your polisher backing plates compatible with other brands?

Yes in short provided they have the same mounting groove. Do note however our polishers have been engineered to work most effectively with the backing plates included in our package.

Can I use a different handle types on your polishers?

The handle on the Karate Kid & Sensei polishers are actually bridged across both sides of the polisher to facilitate ambidextrous use. Alternatively models like the Mr Miyagi have single handles that can be mounted on either side of the polisher whilst The Grasshopper does not have specific mounting holes for handles.

Do you sell replacement parts for the machines?
We have all spare parts for all our polishers. Feel free to contact us directly for any queries. Repairs can be done by the user but no warranty can be issued for independent repairs. All repairs done at the Apex Customs come with a 3 month warranty.

How do I know what throw/orbit and model to select?

A quick rule of thumb is what is your budget. Money aside, we would encourage every customer to get the 21mm 7” Sensei and the 9mm 3” Grasshopper. The 21mm 7” allows you to plough throw significant surface area in minimal time, but the trade-off of this is manoeuvrability in smaller spots like door jambs and spoiler lips. Accompanied with the 9mm 3” however, this will enable you to get through to those tighter spots easily and extremely effectively. Budget limiting however, we would strongly recommend the 15mm Sensei. Engineered to be a real workhorse in, this polisher will enable you to tackle a vast majority of situations with minimal fuss.

How long does the foam pads last?

Our pads are very durable with proper care (i.e. no harsh soaps or chemicals and definitely no washing machine. Only hand wash with warm water). Expect between 3-5 uses per pad.

When do you use microfibre pads?

Our microfibre pads have been designed to cut. They are an aggressive cutting tool and get through most scratches in a significantly faster time. Note however that due to the nature and the heat retaining nature of these microfibre pads, it is important to check them intermittently to ensure that they are not running too hot. 

Do you have any cleaning tools for the pads?

No we do not sell anything to clean our pads with as cleaning by hand is the safest and most effective way we’ve found. There are pad brushes out there but one needs to be wary about this method as sometimes the bristles can be really stiff and may damage the foam pad.

Can I use other backing pads on your machines?

Yes as long as the thread and adaptor matches it will be fine. But as mentioned, the ones supplied are designed for our machines and the weight of the backing plates can also affect the overall balance of the machine. Hence other combinations of backing plates and pad density / size may cause additional vibration/noise which would result in a subpar user experience.

Does the polisher come with a carry bag?
All our polishers come in a cardboard box. Carry bags will be sold separately as kits or individually. Refer to listing images of what is typically included.

My polisher is not switching on, what do I do before sending it back for repairs?
This could be due to various reasons but below is a checklist to walk through before contacting us further for a warranty / repairs service request. Ensure that your power mains are connected properly and there are no visible damages to the power cable or connections to the machine. If there is, DO NOT switch the machine on and contact our support team directly for further instructions.

  1. Check if the carbon brushes are worn. To do so simply remove the casing of the polisher where the Philips screws holds them in place. The brushes are typically held down by a set of springs or coils and can sit in different locations depending on the model you are working on. A spare set of brushes are provided in the polisher box, however if you require additional sets you can also purchase them from our store.
  2. If step 1 above does not resolve the issue, send us an email to describe your observations in detail prior to the machine malfunction and we will assess from there.

To find out more about our warranty claims, click here


What's the deal with straight vs tapered pads?

Tapered pads allow for a buffer between the backing plate and any edges you might come up against whilst polishing. 
Straight pads tend to be the preferred choice of the more seasoned detailer or those that prefer a rotary or forced rotation machine.
Tapered pads are typically paired with dual action forced rotation machines.

Why do some pads have holes in the middle?

The hole in the middle assists in enabling better ventilation and minimises the build up of heat on the surface of the pad during polishing. 

Does my pad need to be the same grade as my compound?

No it does not! A cutting pad need not necessarily be paired with a cutting compound. Some people might prefer a softer pad with a cutting compound to contour better to the surface they are working on.


Does it matter if some compounds are Oil based or Water based?

Oil based compounds (majority of compounds) tend to have better work time and also lower dusting. However oil based compounds also have a tendency to mat and clog up pads (microfibre and wool particularly).

Water based compounds do not clog up pads nearly as quickly as oil based pads but do not have as long a work time as oil based compounds and can dust up quite a bit (particularly as the water evaporates with the heat generated while working the product).

At the end of the day, it is a matter of preference and with some people swearing by one and not the other.


Do you offer leasing for locations outside of Melbourne?

Yes it is possible but the customer has to wear all freight costs associated to and from which will be charged together with the deposit.

What do you mean by consumables to be purchased separately from the lease unit?

Anything that requires replenishment would be deemed a consumable from the foam pads to the compounds, to buffing towels etc. If you are still unsure of what to get to tackle a specific job, contact our support team at for advice.


What’s so special about your Amazebuff towel?

The Amazebuff towel is a Korean made towel that has been specifically designed for buffing off wax/polish/compounds. The extra long pile enables the towel to trap more product hence requiring more passes to saturate the towel and fewer towels in the whole process.

When and how should I use the All Purpose 300gsm towel?

The All Purpose 300gsm towel is a Korean made short nap towel that has been designed for All Purposes as its name would suggest. Whether it is for buffing off excess wax from surfaces or cleaning glass surfaces, the All Purpose 300gsm towel does it all with minimal fuss.

When and how should I use the Magic Micro 800gsm towel?

The Magic Micro 800gsm (another made in Korea variant) is mainly designed for drying the external surfaces of the vehicle. This towel was developed as a more compact solution to the MOFO drying towel. With its smaller sizing (40cm by 40cm), it is somewhat more wieldy and works best after an initial wash when it's fibres have been primed.

When and how should I use the Mellow Yellow 500gsm towel?

The Korean made Mellow Yellow towel has been designed specifically for buffing off excess product (sealants/waxes) from surfaces. It has been sonically cut which means no edges and its fibres are ultra fine resulting in a glossier post buff surface.

When and how should I use the MOFO Drying Towel 550gsm towel?

The famed Korean made MOFO towel has been developed to dry surfaces effectively and efficiently. It has a twisted pile technology which effectively more than double the length of each nap of microfibre towel enabling the towel to trap more liquid and saturate significantly more than other microfibre towels. This towel is so effective at retaining and trapping moisture that it will dry most vehicles within 1 wring of the towel.


Can I use the Foamstar solution with other snow foam lances?

Yes our Foamstar solution is compatible with all foam cannons as long as it is used in accordance with our directions. Do note that the Foamstar is also pH neutral and will not strip coatings off and is safe for all paint types including matte finish paints.

What does the premium pack consist of?

The Premium pack contains the Snow Foam Lance itself and a litre of our pH neutral Foamstar solution. 

Is the Foamstar solution safe to use on all car exterior surfaces?

Yes it is safe on all surfaces including those that have coatings as it is pH neutral.

What is the recommended dilution ratio of the Foamstar?

The best ratio is 1:5. For every 50ml of solution, add 200ml of water. Don't shake vigorously, rather spin the Foamstar solution and water mix to create a vortex which will allow the 2 to combine effectively together.

What are the best practices in using a SFL?

To use it, just attach the snow foam lance with the solution premixed and then attach it to your pressure hose’s lance and then depress the trigger. You will note that the nozzle on the snow foam lance can be rotated. The purpose of this is to enable you to control the spread of the foam. A narrower setting creates a wider spread. There is also a knob at the top of the snow foam lance. This enables you to control the mix between solution and water. Counter clockwise increases the ratio between solution and water, whereas a clockwise rotation reduces the ratio resulting in a less concentrated mix.

Where can I get a 1/4" male to 1/4" male threaded connector to adapt the SFL to my pressure washer head?

You can purchase this from any general hardware store. External link here if you have difficulties finding one. 

What is the difference between your snow foam lances and the other ones that are cheaper in the marketplace?

This falls back to the fundamentals of our business and particularly the products that we carry which are all fit for purpose, and built with quality to last. The main areas we looked into were the quality of brass/plastic parts to withstand more demanding stresses applied typically at adaptor joints, bends of tubes and sealing as well to ensure leak free use. 

When you compare the foam produced by our SFL with these cheaper alternatives, you can even tell visually that some leaves air gaps or more bubbles in between the foam layers that leaves an inconsistent film of lubrication between the mitt and your paint work.


Why use steam products for cleaning?

As a natural cleaning method, steam cleaning allows the removal of hard to see bacteria and dirt, without the use of harmful chemicals. Steam products provide a cleaning method safe for children and pets.

Why is the steam cool?

When the water reaches 100°C, the unit produces steam. The moment the steam hits the air, it cools and turns back into water.

Can chemicals be used in my steam cleaner?

No, McCulloch steam cleaners are designed to emit a pure vapor, free of chemicals. By adding chemicals you may damage the steaming mechanism.

Is the use of distilled water necessary?

Although we recommend using distilled water, you may use tap water depending on the hardness of the water. Hard water will cause your steamer to collect mineral deposits which could shorten the life of the unit.

Why is water dispensed during the first use of the steamer?

It is normal for some water to dispense from the unit when initially used. As the unit heats up, condensation builds in the nozzle or the hose. When used for the first time, water may dispense but will turn into steam.

Which units have a boiler and what are the safety features?

The units that have a boiler-style heating system are the MC1230, MC1270, MC1275, MC1375, and MC1385. The heating element in the boiler is controlled by a thermostat. The thermostat will switch off power to the heating element once the temperature to create steam has been reached. It will automatically switch on as needed to maintain normal operation. If the thermostat were to fail, there is a fuse that will completely cut power to the unit preventing it to overheat. The boiler cap also has an over-pressure device built in, so if the boiler should become over pressurised it allows pressure to release.

Is the MC1385 unit a carpet extractor or shampooer?

No. This machine does not dispense water or detergent. It uses steam to sanitise, refresh and deodorise carpets. Debris is suctioned off of the floor using the vacuum. The steamer should be used for spot cleaning only.

As soon as I push the unit trigger, the pressure drops from 58 PSI to 29 PSI. Why?

The MC1375 and MC1385 steamers build pressure up to 58 PSI (4 BAR). Once the steam trigger is pressed, pressure will be released and will drop to approximately 29 PSI (2 BAR). These are normal operating conditions. Once the trigger has been released and the steam stops, pressure will build back to 58 PSI.

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