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What's a DARO Polisher?

What's all this talk about DARO Polishers?


Dual Action Random Orbital Polishers (DAROP). Yes quite the mouthful. Love your car? Want to bring it as close as you can to perfection? Afraid of damaging your paint in the process of correction? Look no further. We have the perfect tool at a third the cost of the industry leading unit.


We're glad you asked.
Well you know those cheaper orbital polishers you can buy from your everyday auto care shop? They are extremely useful at correcting paint. In fact, they correct paint really really quickly. But. And yes it is a big BUT, it is only useful in the right hands (read professional). Think of it as a scalpel. Highly effective but also dangerous in the wrong hands. They are so effective that they can literally take the paint off your car. Trust me. I know this. Because I've done it to my car. Sigh.

How about the el cheapo rotating buffers? Well they're about as effective as using a cat to mow a lawn. The flipside of the orbital polishers, rotary buffers do not correct paint. AT ALL. They are simply too weak to do so.


DAROPs rotate through the momentum created by the high speed orbital motion. As there is no direct link between the rotations and orbit, this makes dual action random orbital polishers the safest tools to use for beginners but also enables effective paint correction.

That is the most simple explanation. Read this article NOT written by us for more information. It sure does a better job of explaining it than we do.


Random Orbital VS Forced Rotation Illustration


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