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3D Bug Remover - 473ml

3D Bug Remover - 473ml

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3D Bug Remover uses enzymes to break down and loosen bug remains on a molecular level, making removal of them as easy as using a detail spray!

- 3D Bug Remover is a powerful cleaner and can be used on paint, plastic, and glass.

- The acids contained in bug remains will surely corrode away your clear coat, severely impacting your car’s paint PERMANENTLY! Moreover, they are a chore and a half to clean off the surface!

- Once those proteins are broken up, removing the bug remains is as easy as wiping them away!

- Thanks to its potent formula, 3D Bug Remover works on even the heavier smatterings of bug remains. 

Directions for use :

Do not use 3D Bug Remover on a hot surface or in direct sunlight.

Let 3D Bug Remover dwell on the surface for approximately a minute or two.

This will allow 3D Bug Remover to break up the proteins in the remains and break the bond they have with your paint.

For more extreme cases, you may need to use a bug sponge to agitate the surface and aid in bug removal.

Once the bugs are off your paint, you will want to wash your car or use a waterless wash to neutralize the product afterwards.

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