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Apex Customs Bike Wash Kit
Apex Customs Bike Wash Kit
Apex Customs Bike Wash Kit
Apex Customs Bike Wash Kit
Apex Customs Bike Wash Kit
Apex Customs Bike Wash Kit
Apex Customs Bike Wash Kit
Apex Customs Bike Wash Kit
Apex Customs Bike Wash Kit
Apex Customs Bike Wash Kit
Apex Customs Bike Wash Kit
Apex Customs Bike Wash Kit
Apex Customs Bike Wash Kit
Apex Customs Bike Wash Kit
Product image 1Apex Customs Bike Wash Kit
Product image 2Apex Customs Bike Wash Kit
Product image 3Apex Customs Bike Wash Kit
Product image 4Apex Customs Bike Wash Kit
Product image 5Apex Customs Bike Wash Kit
Product image 6Apex Customs Bike Wash Kit
Product image 7Apex Customs Bike Wash Kit
Product image 8Apex Customs Bike Wash Kit
Product image 9Apex Customs Bike Wash Kit
Product image 10Apex Customs Bike Wash Kit
Product image 11Apex Customs Bike Wash Kit
Product image 12Apex Customs Bike Wash Kit
Product image 13Apex Customs Bike Wash Kit
Product image 14Apex Customs Bike Wash Kit

Apex Customs Bike Wash Kit

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Drying Option

The Apex Customs Bike Wash Kit consists of


Apex Customs Pump Foamer 2L

The Apex Customs Pump Foamer is a professional grade large pump displacement sprayer and atomiser, designed to produce a consistent and lush foam from either a concentrated or diluted soap mixture for cleaning purposes. This is especially useful for applications where there is no access to a continuous supply of water or a hose.

Results are enhanced if the cleaning reagent used contains foaming agents which help produce a richer foam consistency while reducing the amount of detergent required.

User manual here


  1. Always depressurize the chamber after use to prevent wear on the seals. This is essential to prevent leaks and failure at the seams particularly the base of the unit. Failure to do so will void the warranty of this product.
  2. Also recommended to empty the contents and rinse with water after use to prevent clogging of the nozzles.
  3. You can also adjust how thick or patchy you would like the foam to be by removing the felt filters and adding spacers that are included in the unit from the factory. Refer to the image below:

Made in Italy.

Technical Specifications:

Total capacity ml 1860
Operating capacity ml 1000
Gasket VITON
Nozzle fan effect
Watertight no
Safety valve yes
Max pressure bar 3.00
Pumping rod PP
Packing bulk


CleanSkin Microfibre Glove Mitt - Grey

These microfibre mitts that are shaped like a glove provides dexterity & ease in cleaning tight spots and difficult to reach areas where conventional mitts will not reach. Comes in one standard size and the stretchable material will expand / contract to fit your hands.

They are constructed using microfibre technology that are designed to last and is easy to clean a mild detergent like a dedicated microfibre wash; scrubbing with a gentle silicon brush is also recommended to remove stubborn stains.


  • Cleaning side mirrors, door handles, wheels
  • Perfect for cleaning bikes from top tubes to forks and wheel spokes
  • Polishing chrome
  • Dusting your interior

Pro Tip: Use a nitrile glove inside of the microfibre glove to keep your hands dry & safe from harsh chemicals during wash.

Apex Customs Foamstar 1L (Optional)

Foamstar is an effective, multi-use pH neutral lubricating foaming agent. Foamstar has great lubricity and minimises risk of marring surfaces during the wash process.

Tested in house to our exacting standards, the Foamstar has been formulated to work with our Snow Foam Lance, Snow Foam Lance Plus and Pump Foamer. The intense and thick foam generated clings to the paintwork of your vehicle and pulls away dirt and grime. Leave it on for 30 seconds to a minute. 

Our Foamstar has been specifically formulated to be pH neutral so it won't strip back wax or any sealants.

Note: This product is not a touch-free wash solution (products that offer that capability are acidic in nature whilst ours is pH neutral).

Foamstar Dilution Instructions:

We suggest a dilution factor of:

  • 1:10 Snow Foam Lance
  • 1:20 Pump Foamer
  • 1:100 Bucket / Contact Wash

GTECHNIQ Bike Wash - 250ml (Optional)

Quick Overview

  • Supreme dirt removal
  • Highly concentrated formula
  • pH neutral


Bike Wash is a biodegradable formulation containing high foaming, premium surfactants. These surfactants have been balanced to break the bond between the dirt film and your bike, delivering exceptionally strong cleaning power. Bike Wash lubricates dirt, minimising abrasion and maximising gloss retention. This highly concentrated formula contains no caustic elements or thickeners.


  • Shake well before use, wear gloves and use out of direct sunlight.
  • Add 2 capfuls of product into an empty 20 litre bucket
  • Fill bucket with warm water
  • Using a Gtechniq Wash Mitt wash entire bike
  • Rinse thoroughly with clean water and dry with a Gtechniq Bike Towel.
  • Store bottle in a cool, dry place.

Apex Customs Mini MOFO Drying Towel (Optional)

The Mini MOFO Drying Towel in short, is the professional range of Korean twisted yarn microfibre towel made specifically for spotless drying.

The twisted yarn is a longer pile that is even more absorbent than the renowned waffle weave or chamois prevents it from being over saturated too quickly. This also acts to pull dirt and dust away from the surface of your paint, keeping it within the towel.

With its massive 40cm by 60cm size, it enables you to easily drape and drag the towel over the surface of your vehicle. No more marring your beautiful paint surface.

This is by far one of our best selling towels and most enthusiasts even buys a spare for an extra rainy day.

BigBoi BlowR Buddi Touchless Air Dryer (Optional)

As every car care enthusiast knows, non-contact detailing methods greatly reduce the chances of putting scratches into paintwork. Whilst the wash process still requires a mitt, the drying process no longer requires a drying cloth!

Dust and dirt can become trapped in the long, absorbent fibres of drying cloths and can cause scratches when the towel is rubbed over the paint. The edges of cloths can cause marks as the towel is 'whipped' back and forth. Synthetic chamois can be ineffective in soaking up water and natural chamois can remove wax protection.

The BUDDI caters for the enthusiast who wants an affordable yet high-quality & high-performance drying solution. Super-portable & compact, the all-new, BUDDI features a powerful 1.2 HP motor that pumps out at a CRAZY 250 km/h warm (25 degrees above ambient) filtered air that will thoroughly dry your small car, bike or jet ski in minutes. Standing at only 240mm the BUDDI is the perfect drying solution for your detailing arsenal.

Features & Benefits:

  • Touchless drying keeps paintwork safe from scratches & swirls
  • The most efficient single motor in the industry (950W / 1.2 HP)
  • Great for drying around filler caps, wheel spokes, calipers & nuts
  • Dries quickly, prevents corrosion
  • 2-stage adjustable wind control from 72km/h up to 250km/h (45mph - 155mph)
  • Warm air fixed at 25°C higher than the surrounding environment
  • Uses filtered air - safer than using a leaf blower or pet dryer
  • Use on paint, glass, wheels, chrome, fabric convertible roofs
  • Supplied with 3 interchangeable nozzles
  • Foam air filter included (washable & reusable)

Technical Specification:

  • 950-watt motor producing up to 1.2HP
  • 240 volt AU plug
  • Neoprene rubber hose nozzle
  • EZ Change foam filter
  • Suitable for use in temperatures between 15-45 degrees C
  • Weight: 1.2kgs
  • 12 month manufacturer warranty


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