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Colourlock Convertible Top / Bimini Top Cleaning & Protection Kit

Colourlock Convertible Top / Bimini Top Cleaning & Protection Kit

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The Convertible Top Kit is a MUST for every convertible lover. Consisting of 500 ml COLOURLOCK Convertible Top Cleaner and 500 ml COLOURLOCK Convertible Top Waterproofing Agent, it keeps your convertible top clean for a long time and provides thorough protection against environmental influences and weather conditions.

1 x COLOURLOCK Convertible Top Cleaner, 500 ml.
1 x COLOURLOCK Convertible Top Waterproofing, 500 ml
1 x cleaning sponge
1 x cleaning brush
1 x cleaning cloth
1 x Carrying bag COLOURLOCK 

Fields of application: Automobile & Marine 

COLOURLOCK Convertible Top Kit

COLOURLOCK Convertible Top Cleaner can be used to remove all types of soiling over a wide area and without leaving any residue, film of grease or oil on the surface. It is gentle so the material is neither stressed nor damaged.
The product is biodegradable and, to further protect the environment, comes in a refillable 500 ml spray bottle, which ensures optimum dosage and keeps consumption low.

The COLOURLOCK Convertible Top Waterproofing Agent included in the set is the second step after using the COLOURLOCK Convertible Top Cleaner. This serves to protect the convertible top and repels water and grease. It creates a lotus effect on the top of your convertible. 

On a cleaned and dry surface, apply COLOURLOCK Convertible Top Waterproofing: evenly spray horizontally from a distance of approx. 40 cm covering the entire surface of the soft top. Optimum results are achieved after drying by applying the product twice. The process should be repeated after each cleaning.

Accidentally sprayed glass or paint surfaces can be easily cleaned and leave no streaks or stains. The optimized nozzle shape of the handy spray bottle ensures easy and even application. COLOURLOCK Convertible Top Waterproofing is very practical and has a long service life.

With the COLOURLOCK Convertible Top Kit, you can present your convertible in style and enjoy the first rays of sunshine reassured and safe.
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