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Colourlock Fabric and Alcantara Cleaning and Care Kit

Colourlock Fabric and Alcantara Cleaning and Care Kit

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Sensitive fabrics like Alcantara and Amaretta are ultra-microfibre materials (synthetic materials) which have a suede-like surface. They should be vacuumed at regular intervals and occasionally wiped with a damp cloth. After some time they build up dirt and oils which then need to be cleaned safely and effectively using products that leave no residues.

Colourlock Fabric cleaners are vegetable based cleaners created without the use of animal based fats, soaps or surfactants which leave behind residues that can be harmful to sensitive fabrics.

Removing stains: Wet a sponge or use COLOURLOCK Leather Cleaning brush with some cleaner. Clean the stained area in a circular motion. Then wipe with a damp cloth. Don`t rub too hard or make it too wet. Fresh stains should be soaked up immediately with an absorbent, clean cloth. Either dab or work from outside the stain to the centre. Do not rub too hard. With larger stains, work from seam to seam. For greasy and waxy stains use COLOURLOCK Leather Cleaning Spirit.

To avoid future soiling and staining, protect the surface with COLOURLOCK Waterproofing spray included in the kit. The waterproofing spray will protect the fabric from staining and liquid spills. It is a water based product and is therefore safe to use on Alcantara. Please avoid solvent based protectors for Alcantara.

Heat should be kept away from Alcantara. For example, cigarette burns cause irreparable damage. Alcantara is prone to pilling. Abrasion causes the fibres to develop into small spherical nodules. If the surface is not too damaged, it can be restored with the COLOURLOCK Sanding Pad. Where the material is seriously damaged, it has to be replaced.

Made in Germany

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