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GTECHNIQ SP2 750ML G-Spray Bottle With Heavy Duty Trigger

GTECHNIQ SP2 750ML G-Spray Bottle With Heavy Duty Trigger

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The GTECHNIQ SP2 750ML G-SPRAY BOTTLE is a high quality, reusable and durable spray bottle for all of your Gtechniq items.

With this bottle, you can dilute your favourite concentrated chemical, or simply pour from a larger bottle for easier use during a detail.

The bottle is made of quality plastic and features a heavy duty, high volume pump for decanting and mixing Gtechniq products ready for application.

The bottle holds 750ml of fluid and is printed with the red Gtechniq logo.

Features and Benefits

  • High-quality, reusable spray bottle
  • Holds 750ml of liquid
  • Works great with most Gtechniq liquids
  • Includes high volume pump sprayer
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