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Gyeon Glass Cleaner & Ceramic Coat Kit
Gyeon Glass Cleaner & Ceramic Coat Kit
Gyeon Glass Cleaner & Ceramic Coat Kit
Product image 1Gyeon Glass Cleaner & Ceramic Coat Kit
Product image 2Gyeon Glass Cleaner & Ceramic Coat Kit
Product image 3Gyeon Glass Cleaner & Ceramic Coat Kit

Gyeon Glass Cleaner & Ceramic Coat Kit

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Gyeon Q2 View

Gyeon Q2 View is a highly advanced quartz-base, rain repellent coating for your exterior glass, it is super-hydrophobic making water shoot off your windscreen or windows as you drive along.

This new glass coating/sealant improves visibility, and thus safety when driving in wet conditions – and best of all it lasts 12 months on your windscreen and up to 36 months on your side windows – not weeks like many other products!

Gyeon Q2 View has a semi-permanent bond to automotive and marine glass and comes into effect at speeds as low as 50km/h, the airflow over the vehicle causes the water droplets to bead up and simply shoot off the glass surfaces with little or no need for wipers, especially when in heavy rain or on the highway or motorway.

Q2 View Rain Repellent Kit contains 2 products, Q2 Cleanse and Q2 Repel; when used systematically they obtain maximum performance and durability which will result in a fully transparent SiO2 (quartz) based coating on your glass that will repel water, dirt and other contaminants and offer easy cleaning of bugs and other road grim from your glass.

Please Note: this is for external use only.

Gyeon Q2M Glass Cleaner - 500ml

Q2M Glass Cleaner is a superb, fast and and effective glass cleaner is suitable for all automotive interior (tint safe) and exterior glass surfaces.

This will remove oil residue, dirt, contaminants and other smudges from your glass easily and safely without affecting your interior trim such as leather, alcantara and upholstery whilst leaving a completely streak free and invisible finish.

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