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Gyeon Paint Preparation Kit (Mild & Coarse Clays)
Gyeon Paint Preparation Kit (Mild & Coarse Clays)
Gyeon Paint Preparation Kit (Mild & Coarse Clays)
Product image 1Gyeon Paint Preparation Kit (Mild & Coarse Clays)
Product image 2Gyeon Paint Preparation Kit (Mild & Coarse Clays)
Product image 3Gyeon Paint Preparation Kit (Mild & Coarse Clays)

Gyeon Paint Preparation Kit (Mild & Coarse Clays)

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Safe for All Types of Paint

Gyeon introduces two clay bars with different levels of contamination removal – the Q²M Clay Coarse for heavily contaminated surfaces and the daily maintenance Q²M Clay Mild. Both Gyeon clay bars are extremely chemical resistant and may be used with Q²M Iron, Q²M Tar, as well as with our highly concentrated Q²M Clay Lube.

Q²M Clay Mild has been designed to be completely safe on all types of paint, effectively removing all types of contamination even on the softest paints. Its light colour helps to spot any removed contamination and knead the clay bar accordingly.

Gyeon Q2M Clay Lube is Gyeon’s solution for fast, effective and safe claying of your vehicle. Offering a very slippery and easy to work with formula, Gyeon Clay Lube will effortlessly glide over your paint, glass or gelcoat and pick up contaminants on your Gyeon Clay Bar removing them from the surface.

The use of normal quick detailers (QD) or car wash shampoos are not ideal for claying, they often can leave residue, water spotting and shorten the life of your clay bar making the decontamination process hard work – Q2M Clay Lube is a safe pH-Neutral Clay Lubricant is specifically formulated to prolong your clay bars life whilst making claying quick and easy.

Q2M Clay Lube can also be diluted down as far as 1:10, which offers even better value for money and will not effect on its performance or slickness.

Use your Gyeon Q2M Clay Bar & Gyeon Clay Lube to remove surface contaminants and over spray from your paintwork in preparation before you apply your Gyeon Coating of choice.

Gyeon Q2 Quartz Prep is a must have Surface Cleaner that prepares paint, wheels and glass perfectly before applying a protective product. Before you seal, wax or coat your paint it is important that it is squeaky clean and free from contamination, old waxes and polishes to allow the correct bonding and provide the durability or protection stated.

Designed to dissolve old waxes and polishes Gyeon Prep is not simply a degreaser, it lifts oils and residue that can also be left behind after polishing to prepare the paint surface perfectly for the protection stage. The other key benefit of Gyeon Prep is that it creates an anti-static surface, which is very beneficial when you are applying coatings and protection to your car.

Can be used on most surfaces prior to coating, such as paint, wheels, chrome, trim etc.

How to use:

Ensure your exterior surfaces are clean, dry and free from contamination; so wash thoroughly and dry. Also clay your car if required prior to ensure rough contamination is removed.

Shake Gyeon Prep well and spray onto a small section (quarter to half a panel) of the surface or a quality microfibre, wipe lightly over the section until completely gone. Repeat on the next section until the paint or surface is squeaky clean.

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