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Gyeon PPF/Vinyl Ceramic Coat and Maintenance Kit (*)
Gyeon PPF/Vinyl Ceramic Coat and Maintenance Kit (*)
Gyeon PPF/Vinyl Ceramic Coat and Maintenance Kit (*)
Gyeon PPF/Vinyl Ceramic Coat and Maintenance Kit (*)
Product image 1Gyeon PPF/Vinyl Ceramic Coat and Maintenance Kit (*)
Product image 2Gyeon PPF/Vinyl Ceramic Coat and Maintenance Kit (*)
Product image 3Gyeon PPF/Vinyl Ceramic Coat and Maintenance Kit (*)
Product image 4Gyeon PPF/Vinyl Ceramic Coat and Maintenance Kit (*)

Gyeon PPF/Vinyl Ceramic Coat and Maintenance Kit (*)

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The Gyeon PPF/Vinyl Ceramic Coat and Maintenance Kit includes all the essentials required to clean, protect & maintain your PPF or Vinyl wrap.

Bundle consists of:

  1. Gyeon Quartz Q2 PPF EVO - 50ml
  2. Gyeon Q2M PPF Maintain Ceramic Infused Detailer Spray Redefined - 500ml
  3. Gyeon Q2M PPF Wash - 500ml

Gyeon Quartz Q2 PPF - 50ml

Q² PPF is very easy to apply flexible one layer coating for all types of PPF & Vinyl. It is designed to extend self-cleaning and maximize hydrophobic properties of any automotive film while being highly durable.

Q² PPF must be applied like a regular coating with criss-cross motion. Ensure good preparation of the paint protection film using Q²M PPF RENEW follow by Q²M Prep for optimal surface bonding.

TIP: Work with reflected light. It will make streaks or smudges more visible and help eliminate them in time. Use the Q²M Suede to perfect the finish.

Q² PPF has been designed to match and perform with all modern paint protection film structure and self-healing properties.

It will enhance colour on both glossy or matte film without changing its finish.

The unique chemical structure of Q² PPF makes it the hardest & coating for vinyl wrap & PPF on the market while being super slick & easy to apply. It will add great chemical resistance & hydrophobic properties to the surface, creating a thick & slick layer of protection without compromising the self-healing capabilities of the film applied to.


Ensure your car is clean, dry and free from contamination; so wash thoroughly and dry. Clay your car if required prior and use Gyeon Prep to remove all traces of old wax, polish or oils with a new good quality microfibre cloth. It is highly recommended to use a good surface cleaner such as Gyeon Prep before application of any Gyeon Coating.

If the PPF is scratched, oxydized or contaminated, make sure to polish with Q2M PPF Renew.

Shake the Gyeon PPF well, take one of the applicator cloths on top of the applicator block and apply a small amount of coating to it. Wipe over a section (about half a panel)in a criss cross motion. Pay attention to the leveling of the coating. If needed, do a second pass to achieve a perfectly even layer

Wipe off immediatley (10s-30s) after applying on the whole panel/section. Please note that the wipe off time will vary depending on heat/humidity.

The coat is fully dry after 24 hours. We recommend not getting the coating wet for at least 24 hours to allow it to properly cure, and not washing your car for a minimum of 14 days.

It is advised that you coat your car in a cool and covered area. Do not apply in direct sunlight.


Gyeon Q2M PPF Maintain - 400ml

Unique SiO2 based spray designed to extend & improve self-cleaning abilities of any PPF on the market and lasts upwards of 6+ weeks.

Use Q²M PPF Maintain for maintenance purpose on any Paint Protection Film, glossy or matte, coated with Q² PPF or not.

Suitable on both wet and dry paint which will enhance the finish, prolong the durability of the coating and help with drying and removing streaks.Can even be used on vinyl wrap as well.

Q²M PPF Maintain will allow you to maintain incredible slickness while increasing the original hydrophobicity of your film while adding more protection against UV rays & future oxidation.


Spray onto a microfibre - wipe panel by panel - can be used as drying aid on a wet surface - spray directly onto a drying towel - dry off.

This solution is designed to be applied on every surface protected with PPF or vinyl wrap.


Gyeon Q2M PPF Wash - 400ml

Q²M PPF Wash is an effective decontamination shampoo that can dissolve mild iron deposit from any automotive film & paint without the need to clay.

Q²M PPF Wash is great to use as a foaming agent not only on paint but also on wheels. Being super slick, it will allow a safe wash procedure of any type of wheels, coated or not.

While being effective against metal contamination on polyurethane film, Q²M PPF Wash remains a safe shampoo on all exterior surfaces. Its formula ensures generous suds for a slick wash routine on the rest of your vehicle.

Q²M PPF Wash is a 3 in 1 product – its will clean, decontaminate & restore initial properties of your PPF or vinyl film.


Pour 20 to 30ml of product into a bucket 10 to 15 litres of water - Mix the solution - Use the Apex Customs Ultra Plush Wash Mitt to transfer the solution on your vehicle - proceed with your wash routine.

Q²M PPF Wash can be used in a foam lance too.

This product is designed to be diluted in a wash bucket and spread over any exterior parts of your vehicle.


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