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M22 Male Nipple Hose Joiner - AD1166

M22 Male Nipple Hose Joiner - AD1166

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This M22 (Male) x M22 (Male) hose joiner will allow you to extend the length of your existing Kranzle hose by combining two separate hoses with a M22 (Female) connection. 

This particular Kranzle hose (both 10m and 20m lengths) can be used as an extension hose on all cold water Kranzle models from KHD7/122TST to K599TST by combining it with this hose joiner.

Features and Equipment

  • Max Pressure 3625psi
  • Max Flow Rate: 20L/min
  • Max Temperature: 150ºC
  • Inlet: M22M
  • Outlet: M22M
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