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Mosmatic Premium Bent Lance 600mm w. Quick Release Fittings

Mosmatic Premium Bent Lance 600mm w. Quick Release Fittings

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This Mosmatic Lance offers a premium touch with quality stainless components and a comfortable ergonomic grip. 

This item will be fully assembled by our team so it will be ready to go with your desired nozzle, short trigger gun and hose.

Features and benefits:

  • Ergonomic Lance-Grip = with a very comfortable grip around a true stainless steel pipe and the extra bend on the end to easy-clean roofs but also your wheels
  • Mosmatic Lance-Grip Stainless with Quick Connects Installed

Mosmatic Lance with Bent Grip:

  • Mosmatic Lance-Grip Stainless steel pipe 600mm with w 15°
  • Mosmatic Quick connect plug 1/4 F
  • Mosmatic Quick connect Coupler 1/4 M
  • High-quality workmanship

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