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Bigboi - Technical Support

Bigboi has recommended that their resellers direct customer queries to their dedicated technical support team. The Bigboi technical support team are specially trained to diagnose and resolve issues, hence are able to assist with any queries you may have, including servicing and repair queries. Contacting the Bigboi technical specialists will ensure that your issue is resolved as fast as possible. To raise a query with the Bigboi team click here.


Bigboi SuckR PRO Vacuum Cleaners:

  1. How to program / code the remote of the extraction kit to the SuckR PRO vacuum cleaner?

Bigboi WashR Flo Pressure Washers:

  1. Nozzles are clogged
    The spray nozzles can sometimes get plugged over time so they need to be cleaned thoroughly. Once this has been done, try running your pressure washer continuously by switching trigger on for 30-45 seconds to flush it completely.

  2. Leaking gun
    Ensure that all connections are completely sealed and tightened correctly. Note that some of the threaded connections are tightened in the anticlockwise direction instead of clockwise. Do not overtighten or apply too much force or it may wear the thread.

  3. Unusual sounds during operation
    If you observe any abnormal sounds when the pump is priming itself, pay attention to see if the pump is cavitating. Signs of air pockets within are an indication of cavitation and this can ruin the pump. Check the inlet hose to ensure there are no restrictions within the hose or air entering at the inlet adapter.

  4. Pump constantly priming or drop in outlet pressure
    Loss of pressure could be caused by loose connections. Check that there are no leakages at the hose inlets or outlets of the water supply to the spray gun.

  5. For the Washr Flo, Bigboi are now supporting the product with a maintenance program where the washer will need to have a service at least once a year (dependant on domestic or commercial use) to support its warranty period. There are 2 small internal parts that will need to be replaced for the product to maintain its full performance. There are many external factors, such as water quality that can cause the Washr Flo to not reach its optimal performance, which is why this service is important. 


Bigboi BlowR Buddi / Mini / Mini + / Pro Dryers

  1. Air flow is not what it used to be
    Ensure that the air filter on the opposite end of the hose is cleaned thoroughly, or changed if completely worn to protect the motor. Clean out the hose to ensure there is no pressure drop as well.

  2. Hose keeps coming off during use
    Ensure that the nozzle adaptor is screwed on tightly to the hose by turning it anticlockwise until it is locked in place. 

  3. Nozzle keeps coming off during use
    Ensure that the nozzle itself is clamped on properly for the older models. The new models come with a bayonet locking mechanism which should hold the nozzle in place securely.

  4. I can't fit the nozzle in the adaptor / nozzle keeps falling off
    Ensure that the O-ring within the adaptor is sitting flushed inside. If the O-ring is missing, the nozzle will be loose. You can purchase spares for these by contacting us directly.

  5. I received a longer hose instead of the standard 5m one
    You can reduce the hose to your desired length by removing the nozzle adaptor (unscrew in a clockwise direction), then cut the hose and reattach the nozzle adaptor (tightening in an anti-clockwise direction).

For other technical queries, email our support team at

Warranty Claims

Bigboi currently offers home users a standard 3-year warranty and a 1-year warranty for commercial use for dryers and pressure washers units.  

For accessories packaged with the units, as these are a wear and tear product, they are not covered under the warranty period. Spare parts are available for purchase but this will need to be procured through Bigboi directly by placing a request on the warranty link below.

For any Bigboi product related claims and warranties, complete the form here.


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