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3D 5.5'' Light Purple Foam Medium Cut Pad (K-55LP)

3D 5.5'' Light Purple Foam Medium Cut Pad (K-55LP)

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3D 5.5" Light Purple Medium Cut/Polishing Foam Pad

- 3D's most versatile High Definition pad.

- Once you try this exceptional pad, we are confident it will quickly become your "Go to" pad.

- The Light Purple Pad is capable of filling every paint correction gap between heavy cutting and finest finish.

- As the pad starts to work it begins to soften, almost instantly, increasing the workable surface area and providing balanced feel, pushing the desired chemical to its limits.

- Whether your preference is dual action polisher or a rotary, you will instantly notice the pads performance, cutting time and providing the desired High Definition finish.

- Perfect on a 5" backing plate on either a rotary or DA polishers.

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