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Angelwax Enigma Ceramic Wax - 33ml/250ml

Angelwax Enigma Ceramic Wax - 33ml/250ml

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Angelwax Enigma is the latest creation from our favourite mad scientist in the Angelwax creation lab.

Angelwax Enigma is our unique state of the art detailing wax, incorporating complex ceramic molecules which have been designed and formulated to offer outstanding durability paired with an uncompromising high gloss finish. Unlike conventional detailing waxes, the ceramic component within Angelwax Enigma bond to the vehicle's surface whilst filling microscopic holes and pores in the paintwork to ensure a completely smooth and level finish. This not only improves the overall gloss and finish but also aids in better water sheeting and self cleaning properties.


  • For outstanding results, ensure that the surface to be treated has been thoroughly prepared before use.
  • Apply Angelwax Enigma to one panel at a time using a clean, dry microfibre pad or foam applicator.
  • Allow at least 2 minutes for the wax to cure to the bodywork before removing with a clean, dry microfibre cloth.
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