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Gyeon Q2M Matte Cure - 400ml

Gyeon Q2M Matte Cure - 400ml

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Q²M Cure Matte is a unique, silica-based spray sealant designed for matte finished paints. It is both a stand-alone product, providing durable protection and self-cleaning abilities and a spray detailer for ceramic coatings. It increases the depth and intensity of colour without adding any gloss to the finish. Through regular maintenance you may gain an extension of the excellent hydrophobic effect of up to 90% of the durability of the base coating, preventing it from water spots at the same time.

Use Q²M Cure Matte for maintenance purpose on ceramic coated, matte or satin finished surfaces, including colour changing wraps and stealth PPF. TIP: You may use the product both on wet and dry paint - it will enhance the finish, prolong the durability of the coating and help with drying and removing streaks.

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