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Rupes Bigfoot Tool Holder Wall Mounted (*)

Rupes Bigfoot Tool Holder Wall Mounted (*)

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The ultimate solution for your workplace to neatly store your Rupes, or other Machines.

The Rupes Bigfoot Tool Holder is a new, lightweight, and functional tool holder that is designed to be mounted to a wall. This unit can improve workplace efficiency, saving time and tidying up your work area without machines and cords filling up the floor!

Designed to hold tools firmly and securely, it helps in keeping them visible and handy at all times. This holder is suitable for the whole rupes range of Bigfoot polishers.

Thanks to its rounded corners and protected edges, it provides an extra level of protection for both the tool and the user. The new Tool Holder is equipped with a special hook, to support electrical cords up to 9 metres long, so you can easily and safely organise your workshop.

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