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Detail tips and tricks

Maintenance Cleaning Wash

Cleaning forms the first pillar of maintenance and tends to be the activity that more often than not consumes the most time in this process.

Protection and Maintenance

This article we expand more on Protection and Maintenance. These 2 key concepts are linked with the performance of one affecting the other. 

Detailing re-imagined

From Car Detailing through to caring for Marine Vessels or Aircraft, this article demystifies the key common concepts between them.

How to differentiate compounds from polishes?

Often used simultaneously, we try and get some clarity (pun intended) between these 2 correction agents! Compounds ar...

Detailing Hacks to Keep Your Wheels Clean

Use these tools to make cleaning your wheels a breeze and effective.

What’s the difference with Sealants, Waxes & Coatings?

The first thing to note are that these products are all paint protectants. However what differentiates one from...

How to finish like a pro!

In this post, we explore the key step that is often missing between polishing and finishing which often adversely affects the quality of the finish!

Washing Pads Made Easy

We're often asked how to wash pads and how to keep them in tip top condition.

Microfibre pads, the next sliced bread?

Microfibre madness! What's the deal with this and how come its now all the rage in detailing circles? 

Lubrication, lubrication, lubrication

In this article, we talk about the importance lubrication in the wash process and how to ensure your vehicle surface is well lubricated!

Spider Webs vs Swirl Marks

Whats the difference between Spider Webs and Swirl Marks? In this post, we explore the difference between the 2 and show you the appropriate techniques to deal with this!

The heat is on!

A quick number of tips we've discovered that may help you with washing your vehicle when summer starts to roll around.
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