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The Sensei Plus

From $329

The Professional's choice. NSK Bearings, 1000W of power, rubberised grips and soft start speed control (with throttle).

Perfect for: Discerning Professional / Next Level Enthusiast

The Sensei

From $279

The successor to the Miyagi, the Sensei blends performance and value, bringing professional quality correction to the masses.

Perfect for: Budding Professionals / Weekend Warrior

The Grasshopper 2.0

From $199

Built to get into those tight spots and small finicky areas on your car, the Grasshopper brings effective and safe paint correction to places you couldn't get to before.

Perfect for: Professional / Enthusiast

The Karate Kid

From $189

The Karate Kid was designed for the budget conscious novice enthusiast. The Karate Kid provides a great base from which to start you detail journey.

Perfect for: Novice Detailersand those looking to do polishing or light correction

German Foam Pads

From $7

Pads from 3" through to 7", foam or microfibre, beginner to advanced.

Polishers and pads

The Sensei Plus, Sensei, Karate Kid, Grasshopper 2.0 and our high pack German foam pads.

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