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3D Wash N Wax - 473ml

3D Wash N Wax - 473ml

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Wash N Wax™ is a rich, highly concentrated, thick car wash shampoo fortified with gloss enhancing polymers to give your car a beautiful looking shine. PH-neutral formula is excellent for maintaining the protection on your freshly waxed or coated vehicle while adding an additional layer of wax protection on bare surfaces too. 

- Special polymer surfactants greatly reduce surface tension with a hydrophobic effect to safely encapsulate and flush away dirt and grime.

- This pH balanced soap works excellent for hand wash and/or foam gun applications. Produces dense great smelling foam that cleans and conditions the surface while leaving a smooth brilliant looking finish.

- Water will quickly sheet off the surface. Works great on all vehicles including cars, trucks, boats, aircraft, mobile homes & motorcycles. The easiest way to clean, shine & protect your vehicle with a bucket & hose!

Directions for use :

- Dilute 1:40 (Product : Water) in a wash bucket. Use a strong jet of water to mix and activate the foaming suds. Soak your preferred car washing mitt/sponge/brush in the solution and then wash the entire car surface.

- Rinse 3D Wash N Wax off the car thoroughly with a strong jet of water. Then use your preferred drying towel/blower to dry the car completely! 

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