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Colourlock Clean and Care Kit for Vegan Leather (Tesla)

Colourlock Clean and Care Kit for Vegan Leather (Tesla)

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More and more frequently, new materials as an alternative to leather are available. One of them is "Vegan Leather". Commonly found in new Tesla interiors and other modern automobiles that offer eco friendly materials in place of genuine leather (Maztex etc)

Tesla "Ultra white" interiors are prone to show even the smallest amount of dirt/soiling so protecting the seats as soon as possible is highly recommended.

In the so-called "vegan leather" approx 3% vegetable fibres (Coconut/pineapple husks) are added in production. These fibres are a by-product of the production of fruit juices and the harvest of fruits. These new materials not only have the appearance of leather, they are also strong and durable.

The addition of organic fibers enable petroleum based materials (plastics, vinyls, PVC etc) to degrade and break down in the environment once disposed of (Biodegradable). 

For hygienic reasons and for preservation of these materials, such surfaces should be cleaned and protected regularly. The Colourlock care set for "vegan leather" contains everything needed for cleaning and maintenance. Dirty surfaces become clean again and the surfaces are protected against new dirt, ageing, dye transfer and liquid spills/stains. 

Kit Contains;

  • 1 x PH Neutral Cleaner for Vegan Leather, 125 ml
  • 1 x Protector for Vegan Leather, 150 ml
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush
  • 1 x Cleaning Sponge
  • 1 x Cloth

Fields of application:

Car seats, steering wheels, door panels and dashboards etc.

Thoroughly clean heavily soiled surfaces with the cleaner for vegan leather together with the sponge provided. In case of dirt in the grain structure, use the cleaning brush.

The Protector for vegan leather seals the surfaces afterwards reducing the accumulation of new dirt and brittleness. The Protector does not change the gloss level.

This kit, is usually sufficient to treat a complete interior in a vehicle or a set of furniture. The cleaner is used only on dirty areas, but the Protector is applied to all surfaces.

Always test all products first on a concealed area for changes!

Cleaner for vegan leather: Apply the cleaning foam to a sponge. Clean the entire surface with the foam. For heavy soiling and dirt in the grain, use the cleaning brush. Wipe up the dirty foam with a clean damp cloth. If you use a light-coloured cloth, look at how dirty the cloth is to check whether further cleaning is necessary.

Protector for vegan leather: Use the Protector for vegan leather only after the surfaces have dried and only after cleaning. Rub a little Protector for vegan leather into a soft cloth or take an application sponge and apply thinly and evenly. Allow it to dry without re-polishing. One application is usually sufficient. Repeat the process only for extremely sensitive colours (such as snow white, ultra white or pure white) or stressed surfaces. Repeat the treatment every 6 to 12 months for normally stressed surfaces. If it is dirty, always clean it prior to application!

Made in Germany

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